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The Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Successful Ecommerce Startup


Although the market is ripe and the competitive advantages are high, ecommerce sites launch and crash all of the time. Sometimes the knowing what not to do is just as important to success as knowing what to do. Think Speed and Accessibility Yes, to a certain extent you want an attractive, engaging site that will draw people in. However, …

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Sink or Swim: How the Best Companies Survive Industry Shifts

Business meeting in The New York City Office

In today’s ultra-dynamic business world, companies must find ways to adapt, overcome and survive major shifts in their chosen industries. There was a time when business owners and managers of established companies could weather industry shifts in the hopes that the changing times they were experiencing were merely passing fads. These days, industry shifts tend …

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5 Things to Remember When Adding Locations to Your Business


When adding a location to your business, you need to choose a place that matches your expectations. In short, you must have the true picture of the place. However, having that picture can be difficult, especially when you are inexperienced. Here are five things you should consider before adding a business location. The Population of …

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How psychology can help you create the product consumers need


Needs drive human behavior. Businesses exist to meet the needs of consumers, but companies that misjudge those needs will fail. Starting a business requires learning what customers need and then crafting products and services that meet those needs. Such an approach avoids the trial-and-error approach associated with creating goods and services that have no known …

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