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Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales
Explore resources to help you better manage your online and offline marketing, customer care, and sales.
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   Subcategories  [10]
    advertising for a small business
  • Advertising [3]
  • Learn copywriting basics and effective advertising techniques, and help you evaluate the success of your advertising campaigns.
    customer service for a small business
  • Customer Service [11]
  • Providing excellent customer service is essential for the success of your business. Free tips, tools, and templates to improve your business's customer support.
    email and web marketing
  • Email & Web Marketing [7]
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of effective email and web marketing, and equip your business with brand new sales channels.
    finding sales leads
  • Finding Sales Leads [20]
  • Learn how to identify and prioritize new high-quality sales leads for your business.
    market research and planning and marketing plan template
  • Market Research & Planning [29]
  • Ready to grow? Research the market, conduct competitive analysis, and try out our marketing plan template to formalize your own marketing plans.
    trade shows
  • Trade Shows [3]
  • Trade shows can help your business generate new sales leads, identify the competition, improve your networking, and get more publicity.
    public relations
  • Public Relations [1]
  • Improve your business's PR practices with sample press releases, tools, and templates for conducting public relations campaigns and press conferences.
    forecast sales and prioritize leads
  • Sales Management [5]
  • Make more effective sales presentations, refine sales strategy, and close deals on your terms. Our free tools help you prioritize leads and forecast your sales.
  • Marketing Concepts [9]
  • Learn about the basic concepts of marketing and get access to hands-on tools to understand how to successfully market your product or service.