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Work Skills

Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express® OPEN Small Business Network

Work skills are those that are necessary for the day-to-day execution of a person's job -- how they perform their duties, solve problems, interact with others, etc. Matching skills to the job is critical, since it will impact everything from a person's productivity to how much they need to be managed. Look at the duties that a person will perform, then analyze what skills are necessary to implement those tasks. You may find that you want the person to have all the skills listed below, but by limiting yourself to the top three, you'll be focusing on the talents necessary to get the job done well.

Which of the following work skills are necessary for the position you're hiring for? (Select up to 3)

Good writer
Good speaker
Good listener
Good people skills
Good phone manner
Good project management skills
Makes a strong professional impression
Proven leader
Proven manager
Can close a deal
Pays attention to detail
Accepts responsibility
Follows direction
Meets deadlines
Strong brainstormer
Comes up with fresh ideas
Can motivate others
Turns around a project quickly
Follows through on own ideas

Now that you've analyzed what kind of person you're seeking, go to the next page to view and print a customized worksheet that will help you evaluate how various job candidates measure up to your job criteria.

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