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Experience / Education

Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express® OPEN Small Business Network

It is essential to clarify what kind of industry or job experience you want to see in candidates you recruit. Is it necessary for this person to have a knowledge of your industry? Are the skills required to perform the job unique to your industry or are they transferable from other lines of work? Are you willing to invest the time and resources in training someone to work in your industry or in this position? Will their education level have a bearing on their ability to execute the job responsibilities?

What level of job experience will be required for this position?
(check all that apply)

No previous experience necessary
Experience working in this industry
Experience working in a similar position (industry unimportant)
Experience working in a position with related skills
Has job-specific resources/contacts
Has industry specific knowledge

What level of education is necessary for this position? (check one)
High school graduate
Some college
College graduate
Graduate degree
Industry or job-specific certification

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