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Finding Information

There are two ways to find what you're looking for in the Toolkit.
  • Browse the Categories
Select a category that interests you, choose a subcategory, and explore the topics in that area.
  • Search for Keywords

Know exactly what you're looking for? Just enter one or more keywords in the Search box. If you enter "billing payroll," you'll see all the topics relating to billing OR payroll. You can also choose to search for available information in all languages or just your primary language.

When you find a topic you're interested in, click on it to learn more.

If you can't find what you're looking for, try these tips:

  • If you didn't get enough results when you typed in "bookkeeping," consider other possible names for the topic. For example, you might try "accounting" or "accountant."
  • To search for content containing possible variations of your keyword(s), do a "wildcard" search by using the * symbol. For example, if you're looking for information containing the words "discipline" or "disciplinary", try searching for "disciplin*".
  • Only use uppercase words when you're sure the word is capitalized. When in doubt, use all lowercase words.

If you get too many results...


You may narrow your search  by using the one or more of the advanced search options on the search results page:

  • Choose whether you want to see topics that relate to any of your keywords, all of your keywords, or the exact phrase you typed.
  • Specify the category you want to search in.
  • Specify the language.
  • Choose a content type.
  • Select a file format.
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