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Business Directory

The Business Directory is a collection of users' Business Listings.  Business Listings contain descriptions, webpage links, and contact information about individual businesses.  You can browse the Business Directory by clicking the Business Directory link in the top navigation bar.  Browse through the directory by clicking through sectors (business categories):


The Business Directory may be filtered by country and/or language.  Also you can click the "All Toolkit Sites" to show Business Directory Listings from all SME Toolkit regional brand sites. 

An alternative to browsing for Business Listings is to perform a search.  From the Business Directory page, enter a search query and click the search button.  Links to Business Listings relevant to your search keywords will appear on the search results page.  To make it easier to look through search results, you may sort the results by clicking on a column title.  You can sort search results by either Company Name or by Location.

Creating a Business Listings

As a registered user, you may have the capability to create a listing for your business to appear in the Business Directory.  To do this, first log in and click "My Profile" in the upper right corner of the toolkit site:


In your profile beneath personal information and communication preferences is a preview of your business listing.  If one does not yet exist, click "create":


In the form that loads, fill out any information about your business.  Required fields are marked with a red asterisks (*).  When you have finished completing the form, click "Save Draft" or "Save and Publish" to save you work.  Only published listings will appear in the Business Directory.

You may also have one or more translations of a business listing.  If you have multiple translations, other users of SME Toolkit will see your listing in the language that they specify.  To create or edit a listing translation, expand the translation dropdown on the listing form page:



Some Business Listings may have a webpage associated with them.  Clicking the "View User Business Webpage" link will display the associated webpage:


Creating a Webpage

As a registered user, you may have the capability to create a webpage to accompany your business listing.  Note that you must first have a business listing created and published if you wish other users to view your webpage in the Business Directory.

To create a webpage, first log in and click "My Profile" in the upper right corner of the toolkit site:


In your profile beneath  your business listing preview, is a snapshot of your website.  If no webpage exists, click the "create" link, otherwise click "edit":


On the create/edit page, you can use the editor to create and format to build your webpage.  The editor includes simple tools such as numbering, bullets, bold, italic, underline, and link.  To use them, highlight some text and click the desired button:


An alternative way to create your site is to use Microsoft Word, copy the formatted text from Word, and paste it into the editor by clicking  .

For more advanced formatting, you can manually manipulate the html by clicking  .

In addition to formatted text, you made add up to 10 images with captions to appear in a column on the right side of your webpage.  You may also add a logo to appear next to the business contact information (generated from you business listing information).

After completing the webpage form, you can click "Save Draft", "Save and Preview", or "Save and Publish" to save your work.  Like business listings, only published webpages will appear in the Business Directory.  It is strongly recommended that you preview your webpage before publishing it.

Also like business listings, you can create one or more translations of a webpage.  To do this, select a language from the translation dropdown:


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