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Deborah’s Biz Basics


Welcome to Deb Osgood’s blog which is specially designed for female entrepreneurs.  You will find business advice for women  owned businesses including “Pearls of Wisdom,” “Noteworthy Reads,” “Deb’s Tips,” “The Value of the Network” and more!  Click here to start learning from this award winning champion of women owned business!

Female small business owners weblog
Pearls of Wisdom

Check out Deb’s Blog on a variety of issues that impact female entrepreneurs.  Read her free advice on how to successfully navigate the business world as a woman

Who is Deb?

Deb is not only an award winning successful entrepreneur, she is a woman who has successfully navigated her way through many challenges that are unique to women.  Learn from her experiences and share your thoughts with this leader, teacher and advisor for small business

Noteworthy Reads

In today’s world the challenge is not a lack of information but the need to have it boiled down to digestible pieces! Hear Deb’s advice on the books, articles and websites that are worth the read

Friends of Deb

We can all use some good support.  Deb has invited key guests to her blog to share their insights on successful female entrepreneurship.  Including perspectives from the corner office and young entrepreneurs.

Deb’s Tips

The most precious and scarce resource we have is time. Deb shares some of her best tips for saving time and using it on what matters to you the most .

The Value of the Network

Share your experiences and build your network at these recommended events 

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