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Educational Posters

Adapted from content excerpted from Better Work, a partnership of IFC and the International Labour Organization

Displaying educational posters is a powerful way to educate workers. It is very effective because they are easy to make, deliver a consistent message, and use pictures which are a strong form of communication targeting specific behaviour. Examples which have been useful for factories include posters on lifting postures, proper mask wearing and reproductive health.

Good practices for store organisation

• Use posters to address specific problems or concerns. For example, posters can remind workers to dispose of fabric in rubbish bins or how to use proper lifting postures.

• Use posters to change (or reinforce) desired behaviours using local examples.

• Display posters where they will be useful and are easy to see.

• Posters relating to specific jobs should be near relevant workstations.

• Posters relating to general factory behaviours should be located in more centralized areas.

• Posters work best when they are part of a more comprehensive training program that includes training, information sessions, exercises, etc.

Benefits for your business

✓ Posters that promote safety and reinforce important skills will present a positive image of the workplace.

✓ Demonstrates to workers and buyers that the company cares about the welfare of its staff.

✓ Easily, cheaply and consistently communicates simple messages about jobs.

✓ Can increase workers productivity


• Create your own posters. Draw pictures or have workers' photographs taken and add text.

• Use posters to communicate simple points in order to make the message clear and direct.

• Download free posters or images from the internet and add in text.

• Make posters for specific work procedures, such as in the good practices above.

Costs: Low

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