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Organization of Notice Boards

Adapted from content excerpted from Better Work, a partnership of IFC and the International Labour Organization

A notice board is an important source of information for workers. It should be updated regularly and organised in an orderly manner so that workers can find the information they need easily.


✓ Keeps workers informed.

✓ Good image of workplace.

✓ Workers receive up-to-date information.

✓ Improves workplace cooperation between management and workers.

✓ Allowing workers to post announcements on a public forum increases trust.

Good practices for organisation of notice boards

• Keep the notice board as neat and tidy as possible (Figure 1).

• Remove outdated pieces of information as frequently as possible.

• Label the notice board by topic and in multiple languages.

Workers can find the information they need quickly and easily (Figure 2).

• Place the notice board in a position where workers can easily see it.

• Consider making individuals (or teams) responsible for keeping the notice board clean, tidy and up-to-date.

• Designate a section to be open for worker and union announcements.


• Appropriately label each type of information displayed.

• Remove outdated information and replace it with the up-to-date information.

Costs: Low

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