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Machine Safety

Adapted from content excerpted from Better Work, a partnership of IFC and the International Labour Organization

Machines need to have safety guards in order to prevent serious injuries to workers.


✓ Reduces accidents and associated costs.

✓  Increases productivity because fewer accidents means increased production time.

✓  Enhances awareness of workplace safety.

✓  May improve work satisfaction and workplace performance.

✓  Workers understand that the employer cares about their safety, and are then more motivated.

Good practices for machine guarding

• Make sure that all machines have appropriate safety guards installed.

• Make improvised guards for any machines which do not come with guards.

• Regularly provide workers with training on machine handling and good safety practices.


• Implement an on-going safety training program for all workers.

• Ensure that workers are aware of how dangerous unguarded machines can be, and tell them not to remove guards.

Costs: Low

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