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Rubbish and Waste Collection

Adapted from content excerpted from Better Work, a partnership of IFC and the International Labour Organization

A clean workplace can help to achieve better productivity and protects worker's health and safety. Factories should establish systems to make sure that waste is continuously cleared up and that the workplace is kept safe, healthy and hygienic at all times.


✓ Improves productivity.

✓ Promotes good health and safety practices amongst workers.

✓ Develops good housekeeping habits.

✓ Helps to eliminate waste and workers take pride in cleanliness of factory.

✓ Certain waste fractions can be sold or reused and increase profits.

Good practices for rubbish collection

• Use rubbish bins to collect waste in the factory.

• Scrap materials can be collected directly into a bin close to the machines.

• Designate specific rubbish bins to individual machines and to specific types of waste.

• Post signs to show where rubbish bins are located.


• Use baskets/bins where appropriate in all working areas.

• Encourage workers to develop good habits even during busy periods.

• Encourage workers to always keep the workplace clean.

Costs: Low

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