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Store Room Safety

Adapted from content excerpted from Better Work, a partnership of IFC and the International Labour Organization

To make the factory safer and more productive, storage areas need to be efficiently and safely organised. Make sure that all boxes and materials are properly stacked and that the height of stacks is restricted and monitored.


✓ Improves the image of workplace.

✓ Creates a safer workplace.

✓ Reduces workplace accidents.

✓ Enhances awareness of safe practices.

✓ Improves the efficiency of the storeroom.

Good practices for safe stacking in the store room

• Mark the maximum stack height or paint red lines on the wall to indicate safe stacking height.

• Regularly check that boxes are stacked tidily and boxes or materials are not stacked above the marked height.

• Never stack in front of emergency exits or in front of windows or electrical panels.


• Use pieces of wood as markers

• Paint a line to show the maximum stack height.

• Stack materials and boxes in areas that do not obstruct airflow or movement within the factory.

Costs: Low

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