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Content Rating and Comments

Content ratings provide a new way of enriching existing content with valuable context. This can then help other users identify the most relevant content, increase their confidence in the accuracy of the information and ensure their trust in the published document.

The content rating feature enables users to provide their rating for each content item. Business users can then provide feedback to the document author and to other users. A 5 star system is used for ratings, with 1 being low, and 5 being high. You also have the option of allowing ratings only without comments.

General and Quiz content items only can be rated.

Ratings are filtered by brand to allow each brand to control all of the ratings options. They are common across all languages of a given brand.

Ratings are turned off by default. When you check “Enable Ratings for content items” you will also see the option “Allow Comments with Ratings”, which is not checked by default. Check this box if you want to give users the ability to add textual context to their ratings. If Comments are enabled, all Ratings references throughout the SME Toolkit will be seen as Ratings/Comments.

Ratings can also be controlled per content item. If the rating is enabled for a brand, you will see an editable option “Allow Ratings”, which is checked by default. If you turn off the setting for a content item, then users will not see rating information for that item only.

Disabling ratings at the brand level preserves content item rating setting. They will simply be grayed out. When you re-enable ratings at the brand level, the content item setting will become editable again, with the same status as before.

In the PF, assuming they are enabled for the content item, users see ratings below content text sorted with newest ratings first by default. The user name, date, and business listing location, if available, are listed next to the rating.

Users must first be registered and logged in to rate content items. After selecting a star level to express their rating for this content item, the text area below is enabled, where the user can type an explanation of the rating, and then submit their rating/comment.

When a user that’s not logged in views a content item for which ratings are enabled, the message “You must be logged in to add a rating and a comment” is visible, with a link direct to the either log in or register for a new account.

The different sort options available are ‘Newest’ (default), ‘Oldest’, ‘Highest’, and ‘Lowest’.

Child pages share the same ratings and ratings settings of their parent’s page.

When you delete the account of a portal user, then the ratings submitted by that user are also deleted. Inactivation of a business listing or account has no impact on ratings.

You can also delete ratings individually. Go to the Ratings panel by clicking on the Ratings tab on a Translate or Edit screen, and click on the trash icon next to the rating you wish to delete.

A new system element promotion is also available based on content ratings. Available options are “Highest Rated”, “Highest Rated Last 30 Days”, and “Most Rated Last 30 Days”.
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