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Level 2 - Demonstration

Provided by the International Finance Corporation


This level helps the firm sharpen focus of its internal integrity program and engage in consistent communication to internal and external stakeholders in its key business transactions.
At this level, you should:
  • Broaden the firm’s integrity program
    • Collect data on performance
    • Establish clear incentives
    • Retrain employees regularly
    • Benchmark against competitors and upgrade
  • Enable employees to share specific instances of questionable practices
    • Identify a person in the firm who can deal with issues confidentially
    • Consider using external services that will protect employees
  • Check out the background of key business partners
    • Ask about their management, directors, shareholders, reputation
    • Check with the local bank, the Central Bank, and/or external auditors
    • Get references from clients, vendors or government agency
    • Record the due diligence process in writing and keep record
  • Engage external auditors to conduct regular audits
  • Clearly communicate the firm’s integrity approach
    • Post it on the firm’s website
    • Let key business partners know about the firm’s approach
    • Communicate the firm’s approach at business association meetings and public venues
  • Share good and bad experiences with others
    • Share case studies with experts, business associations
  • Include facts about the firm’s integrity performance in corporate reports
    • Use annual reports, CSR or similar reports to make disclosures 
  • Collaborate with the media to highlight any integrity challenges
  • Seek certification in good integrity practices by external experts

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