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Level 3 - Collective Action

Provided by the International Finance Corporation


This level enables an alliance of like-minded organizations committed to integrity to organize themselves into a sustained process of cooperation among various stakeholders – companies, civil society, and in some cases the government. Successful collection action can change and improve the environment in which business is done.

There are many benefits of collective action for SMEs. Collective action:

  • Increases the impact and credibility of individual action
  • Compliance becomes the norm and excludes those who are not compliant
  • Levels the playing field among competitors
  • Increased chances of bidding firms for fair selection as suppliers
  • May complement, strengthen or substitute for local laws
  • Basis for industry-specific codes of conduct and anti-corruption standards
  • Can create a chain reaction with other initiatives and organizations

Some of the suggested types of collective action are described below: 


Once you have decided on the type of collective action, follow these steps:

  • Decide on most appropriate type of collective action
    • Check to ensure that anti-trust laws are not violated
  • Define stakeholders 
  • Establish a focal point
  • Assess the role of government
  • Develop concept
  • Organize several start-up Workshops
    • Explore the use of social media in communications
  • Define the governance structure
    • Ensure robust governance and monitoring structure
  • Involve other participants (government, NGOs, media)


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