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TOR - E-learning and Instructional Design Specialist

Provided by the International Finance Corporation



E-learning and Instructional Design Specialist


IFC – Sustainable Business Advisory



  1. A.                               Background

IFC’s Sustainable Business Advisory (SBA) teams work at the firm and sector level to develop inclusive and environmentally sustainable and efficient markets.  Farmer and SME Training (FAST) is one of seven products within SBA.  FAST aims to increase SMEs/Farmers’ ability to expand access to growth markets by strengthening their management capacity (financial literacy, business acumen) and technical skills (farmer productivity).  FAST provides scalable platforms, for delivering management training; facilitates training and access to market information for SMEs and farmers; works with large firms and Financial Institutions to extend the reach and improve the performance of SMEs & farmers in their supply chains; and builds partnerships with leading providers of capacity building services.  Clients include IFC investee companies (corporates and financial institutions) and intermediary organizations (training and service providers, etc.) that reach SMEs and farmers. 

SME Toolkit is an SME capacity building products of FAST that, in partnership with IBM, leverages the latest information and communication technologies to provide SMEs in emerging markets with access to online business management information, interactive tools, and training resources to help them stabilize, formalize, and grow their businesses. The SME Toolkit program to date has launched 39 sites in 17 languages and serves over 5.5 million visitors around the world each year.


  1. B.                                Objectives/Purpose of Assignment

SME Toolkit is looking to expand its offering by developing a series of eLearning modules.  We are planning to develop a number of high quality 3-5-minute whiteboard screen-casts with interactive activities created in Articulate Storyline. You can view modules similar to these at Khan Academy. The initial set of modules will be focused on financial literacy and will incorporate levels of advancement. The modules will be based on the courses and methodology developed for Business Edge, a complementary IFC product. Business Edge offers clients applicable management training solutions through a comprehensive set of study books and training modules adapted to the local business context.

The modules need to be completed by October 1, 2013.

  1. C.                                Scope of Work

The scope of work for this assignment includes: 

The consultant/vendor will work full time to produce scripts for 12-18 whiteboard screencasts on Accounting and Financial Literacy topics. They will develop the concept and a rough outline with suggested storyboard visuals and activities for each slide based on the Business Edge study books, as well as relevant content on the SME Toolkit websites. After reviews by SME Toolkit team, a Subject Matter Expert and a production person, they will finalize the script and pass it to the production person for development of the visuals.  After web-publication of the modules, a mobile app will be developed based on the modules, hence smartphone display should be taken into consideration during design process.

The modules should be clean, contemporary, friendly and professional. They should make the user feel comfortable and provide a sense of trust. We would like to act as a mentor to the SMEs.

  1. D.                               Deliverables / Specific Outputs Expected from Consultant
  • Complete scripts with storyboard visuals for 12-18 whiteboard modules on topics outlined above (the modules are conditional upon successful submission of the first module). The scripts for the modules should be:
  1. Engaging and easy to follow
  2. Coherent and cohesive within established guidelines 


  • Include audio track for the whiteboard videos (desirable)


  1. E.                                Specific Inputs to be provided by the Client: 
  • Topical content
  • Reviews and feedback on draft submissions
  • Overall strategic directions and detailed guidelines will be provided to the consultant/vendor for his role and responsibilities


  1. F.                                Skills and Experience Requirements
  • A degree in Instructional Technologies, Education or related field and/or a degree in accounting or finance
  • Minimum of 5 years of Instructional Design experience with a solid understanding of Adult Learning Principles. Experience developing white-boarding modules strongly preferred  
  • Knowledge of financial literacy topics (accounting, financial planning, etc.) strongly preferred
  • Exceptional grammar and proofreading skills


To apply

  • Provide a CV and a brief overview of how you could assist us in developing our White-boarding modules and if you are available to complete the project by the requested deadline 
  • Attach at least one example of previous work you conducted that would serve as proof of your competency in fulfilling this role
  • Provide three references

The deadline for applying is Friday, August 2. We encourage you to apply early as selection will be made on a rolling basis.

Email all materials to

We would like to begin development by 8/15/2013.

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