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Story: Sri Lankan Food Store Owner Diversifies her Business

SME Toolkit Helps Food Store Owner in Sri Lanka Grow and Diversify her Business

Pic2.pngMs. Jayawardana is the founder and owner of the Jayawardana Food Stores in Sri Lanka. She first opened her business during difficult economic conditions in the country aggravated by more than 25 years of conflict and a devastating tsunami. In the beginning she had nobody to help her - she did not receive any advice and had no access to credit. She also had no knowledge or experience on how to run a business.

It all changed however when Ms. Jayawardana attended her first SME Toolkit training organized by Dialog, SME Toolkit partner in Sri Lanka. She has never been part of a business training program before. She learnt many different things in that training on how to properly run a business, but most importantly she learnt how to deal with customers and how to save money.  Since then Ms. Jayawardana has become a regular user of SME Toolkit.

Using SME Toolkit has had a tremendous impact on Ms. Jayawardana’s business. She was able to expand her business and constructed a building to house various retail outlets. She also diversified her business by opening a chicken farm. Ms. Jayawardana is currently saving for new equipment which will help her to further strengthen her business. 

 “As a result of using SME Toolkit I learnt how to separate family and business accounts, created a savings account, and gained enthusiasm for being a women business owner.” 


Ms. Jayawardana

Jayawardana Stores, Sri Lanka

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