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Story: Nigerian Trainer uses SME Toolkit as Resource

A trainer in Nigeria uses SME Toolkit to Help Others Be Successful

Pic3.jpgBukola Shonibare is the principal consultant of 555 Consulting Limited, a management consultancy in Nigeria that works with local MSMEs. Bukola is one of the first SME Toolkit trainers trained by EDC, the SME Toolkit partner in Nigeria. After completing the course, she went on to train other business owners in Oyo State, Nigeria, where she taught in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s local languages. Today, Bukola uses SME Toolkit content as part of the standard training offering of her firm. She trains clients on such topics as Human Resource Management, Marketing and Accounting.  

Bukola is a frequent speaker at various SME events where she always uses the opportunity to showcase the power of SME Toolkit in delivering business development services to MSMEs, as well as the impact of SME Toolkit on her own business and that of her clients.

 “As an entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer, being an SME Toolkit Trainer has given me the opportunity to get available hands-on resources needed to grow my business, offer excellent training services, and help other businesses grow through consultancy services.”

Bukola (Bukky) Shonibare

555 Consulting Limited, Nigeria

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