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Cloud Computing Predictions Show Where IT's Focus Should Be

This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet.

There is little doubt that the cloud is on the rise, but in order to best take advantage of it over the long term, IT professionals require a bit more specificity when it comes to where the cloud will be within the next few years. Some new cloud computing predictions that focus on where the technology will be in the near future can help IT managers and executives properly prepare for this technology revolution.

Cloud Computing Predictions

At this point, it seems that just about every IT department has at least looked into the cloud. Many have already decided to shift some aspects of the data center there, but others may be taking a more methodical approach, waiting for some certainty before committing assets to adoption. While this is usually a smart path, delaying cloud adoption could be a big mistake given where the technology is headed, as summarized in a collection of cloud computing predictions in a recent MSPmentor article.

First, even though the cloud has seen meteoric growth over the past few years, that growth is expected to either continue or accelerate. The cloud was in its infancy just a few years ago, but expect to see more than half of all IT shifted to the cloud within the next decade.

The cloud will also make significant progress in the area of security. Since leveraging the cloud — at least in a public or hybrid environment — means trusting business data to a third party in a collocated environment, security has always been a major concern. Partly because of this concern, cloud providers have made large investments in security measures, and through a combination of advanced encryption techniques, key management and advanced cloud management, cloud providers will be able to offer security that is on par with on-premise systems.

Finally, the cloud will be the center of innovation for the IT world, resulting in a situation in which an increasing number of IT professionals are proficient with the cloud, and an increasing number of customers have an expectation that all IT departments can leverage its advantages.

Adjusting for the Future

For midsize businesses trying to maximize their IT investment, the cloud can be both very promising and very dangerous. Midsize businesses cannot afford to invest in technology that may not be relevant within a few years or technology that does not live up to its hype. For the most part, the cloud has provided its advertised benefits, but some questions have lingered about its long-term potential.

These new cloud computing predictions should add to the growing chorus singing that the cloud will continue to be a major force in IT over the coming years. The continued growth of the cloud shows that it will envelop not only human resources and document sharing, but also mission-critical apps and services, allowing businesses to take advantage of it for all aspects of IT. The beefed-up cloud security will ease some concerns about information protection, and when IT managers do a self-assessment of their on-premise security, they may find that cloud providers actually offer a more secure situation. Finally, the innovation occurring within the cloud space means that most of the major tech breakthroughs in the coming years will happen within the cloud ecosystem, allowing those businesses that are already invested in the cloud to quickly gain an advantage over the competition.

This article was written by Shawn Drew.

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