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Who we are


In 2002, IFC created SME Toolkit as a response to the identified knowledge/skills gap as constraint for SMEs in developing countries to grow and improve performance. In 2006, IFC partnered with IBM to strengthen and expand the Toolkit’s capabilities. 

SME ToolkitToday

SME Toolkit is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) all over the world to learn and implement sustainable business management practices and increase their productivity, efficiency, and capacity, as well as improve their access to finance and new markets.

SME Toolkit provides SMEs with free online key business management information, interactive tools, and training resources. This includes over 5,000 free business forms, tools, and how-to-articles, as well as a global business directory, multilingual community forums, and a host of other interactive features.

Explore our categories on accounting & finance, human resources, international business, legal & insurance, marketing & sales, operations, exporting and technology, as well as our eLearning section.

If you register your business in our global business directory free of charge, you will have access to further exclusive information, as well as our global network of small businesses.

Key Facts (as of January 2016):

  • 6.2 million users per year
  • 43 Web Sites
  • 25 Implementation Partners
  • 17 Languages
  • 5,000+ content pieces
  • 78% of repeat users reported improved business performance as a result of using SME Toolkit (2012 User Survey with over 2,500 respondents)
  • 95% of users would recommend SME Toolkit (2015 User Survey with over 2,000 respondents)

For more information, please see our SME Toolkit Brochure.
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