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SME Toolkit New Platform Development Transition Support - Terms of Reference (TOR)


This SME development program is run by the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries as a way to reduce poverty and improve people's lives. 

The SME Toolkit program deploys a global web-based product that leverages the latest information and communication technologies to provide SMEs in emerging markets with access to online business management information, interactive tools, and training to help them stabilize, formalize, and grow their businesses. The program to date has launched 42 sites in 17 languages and serves more than 5.5 million visitors around the world each year.

The product’s technology platform consists of software that powers an end user web interface and a content management system (CMS) for local implementation partners who run the local websites to manage their sites in multiple languages. Local partners include more than 30 IFC banks, NGOs, private companies, and government agencies. IFC partnered with a reputable technology firm to develop the technology application in order to better meet the needs of small businesses. The product’s content is developed and kept updated in partnership with a number of global content partners.


IFC, along with its technology partner, is currently in the process of building version 4 of the SME Toolkit technology platform. The new platform is based on Drupal open source content management system, and intends to support much of the original SME Toolkit core functionality. Once the platform is released, new features are expected to be added as dictated by the business needs of the program.

The new application is expected to be available in the second half of 2015.

The objective of this assignment is to provide technical support to the program and the development teams throughout the development and launch of the new Drupal-based technology platform.

Expected start date of the assignment: ASAP. Duration: 12 months.



The Consultant will provide technical support to the development team throughout the development and launch of the new Drupal-based technology platform, assist the Technical Lead with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and maintenance of the platform.

With regard to operational and technical support, the Consultant will perform the following activities:

Technical Support

  • Assist with managing technical infrastructure operations, support, and maintenance functions of the platform
  • Provide technical program consulting and Drupal expertise to IFC program and technical teams
  • Providing technical support to IFC partners using the CMS to manage their local websites

In addition, the Consultant will be responsible for:

Server/infrastructure Support

  • Moving new builds between development, testing, training, and production instances managing deployment scripts and process. (Roughly 1-2 builds per week to be moved to all instances)
  • Managing Git document and code repositories
  • Troubleshooting issues; determining whether they are a hosting concern (Blackmesh) or development concern (IBM)
  • Facilitating SSL certificate management (Renewal)
  • Running performance test script and tuning 
  • Managing the partner deployment model (Future TBD)

New Brand/Site Configuration Support

  • Creating and configuring new SME Toolkit partner sites on all instances of the application and database
  • Configuring DNS (domain name system) and caching services (as needed)
  • Integrating non-Drupal 3rd party modules for partners, including blogging functionality, social media sites, and other requested modules

 3rd Party Technology Support

  • Google analytics data tracking configuration, monitoring, management, and report generation (monthly)
  • MailChimp account management
  • Akamai account management and maintenance
  • WordPress blog management and maintenance
  • Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter support for promotion feeds, monitor and troubleshoot changes to the API

Database Support

  • Owning, running, querying and managing the new platform database

Content Support

  • Assisting with manual migration of some SME Toolkit content to the new platform 
  • Managing content not managed through the CMS such as eLearning videos
  • Importing translations of site static text
  • Assisting with importing new content translations
  • Selecting and implementing mechanism for generating static site copies
  • Running SEO crawling tool 

QA Support

  • Assist with quality assurance (QA) testing (using standard quality assurance best practices) for the execution of releases of the SME Toolkit platform



  • Support requirements will comprise roughly 40 hours per week and will require a monthly progress report.



  • The Consultant must be expert in supporting Drupal-based applications, with demonstrated experience working with multilingual applications supporting all Unicode languages, content management systems, mobile and SMS technologies, deployment between environments, and search engine optimization
  • Experienced with PHP (technology/language) and deploying PHP applications (Drupal, WordPress, etc.)
  • Expert-level knowledge and experience with Git (version control system)
  • Experience with writing MySQL queries (database reports, etc.) and understanding of complex database schema.
  • Understanding of common Internet technologies, protocols, and languages: DNS, SSL, HTTP/HTTPS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • The consultant should have experience with agile software development, test-driven development, and demonstrated expertise with specifications development
  • Experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, to write a usage reporting app
  • Expert-level knowledge and experience with Linux and shell scripts
  • Experience with the Apache Solr search engine


The deadline for applying is Friday, May 15, 2015. We encourage you to apply early as selection will be made on a rolling basis. Please email your application to

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