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Starting a Business Learning Path

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to launch your first business? Do you have a brilliant idea but are not sure how to turn it into a sound business plan? Are you unsure about what the necessary steps are to make your plan a reality? Follow this learning path to discover how-to articles, videos, tools and downloadable forms that will support you in your start-up journey.

You can always come back to this main index by clicking on Starting a Business icon on each page linked to this path.

Have a great learning journey!

1. Getting Your Business Started

Get ready for your business by deciding on the business, the type and model, and legal setup. Set your course with goals and a business plan, and learn from the mistakes of others.

1.1 Decide on a Business 1.2 Decide on the Business Type/Model 1.3 Legal Forms of Organization 1.4 Set Goals for Your Business 1.5 Why Have a Business Plan 1.6 Common Startup Mistakes

2. Marketing Your Business

Learn how to conduct market research, price your product or service and start getting out there by networking and establishing your web presence.

2.1 Market Research 2.2 Pricing 2.3 Networking 2.4 Web Presence

3. Costs of Starting Your Business

Calculate the costs of starting your business and then discover how to finance it, including loan application and repayment details.

3.1 Introduction to Costs 3.2 Calculate Your Start-up Costs 3.3 How to Finance Your Business 3.4 Apply for a Loan 3.5 Loan Repayment

4. Business Plan

Set the course for your business and analyze your readiness.

4.1 How to Write a Business Plan 4.2 Analyzing You, Your Business and Plan

5. HR

Growing your business beyond yourself requires some human resources supporting. Get tools on hiring and insurance.

5.1 Hiring 5.2 Insurance

6. Opening

Ready to open your doors? Learn how to create your marketing plan and what you need to do before you start.

6.1 Opening and Marketing 6.2 Before You Start

A. Additional Information

We know starting a business can be challenging. Learn and be encouraged from others who have been where you are.

A.1 Small Business Success Stories A.2 Business Plan Example

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