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Managing Your Finances Learning Path

Whether you just started your business or you’re a seasoned business owner, managing finances is vital for your small business to be sustainable and grow. Yet, it can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have an accounting background or the ability to hire a professional financial manager.

Follow this path to discover how-to articles, videos, tools, and downloadable templates that will support you in the basics of financial management.

You can always come back to this main index by clicking on the Managing Your Finances icon on each page linked to this learning path.

Have a great learning journey!

Index – Managing your Finances

1. Financial Basics

Need to start with the basics? Find out why managing your finances is important, and learn financial terminology as well as the basics of bookkeeping, accounting, and cash flow.

1.1 Why is Managing Your Finances Important 1.2 Financial Terminology 1.3 Basics of Bookkeeping and Accounting 1.4 Basics of Accounting and Cash Flow

2. Managing Your Assets, Liabilities, and Costs

Now that you have business assets, liabilities, savings and costs, learn how to manage them.

2.1 Managing Asset / Liabilities 2.2 Managing Savings and Liquidity 2.3 Controlling Costs

3. Managing Credit, Debt, and Accounts Receivable

If you need help managing the push and pull of money through your company, learn how to manage your credit, debt, accounts receivable, and account payable.

3.1 Managing Debt 3.2 Managing Credit 3.3 Managing Accounts Receivable 3.4 Managing Accounts Payable

4. Financial Statements

Ready to start preparing and analyzing your financial statements? Learn about your income statements, balance sheet, and cashflow statements and how you can determine profitability.

4.1 Preparing Your Financial Statements 4.2 Income Statement 4.3 Balance Sheet 4.4 Cashflow Statement 4.5 Profitability 4.6 Analyzing Your Financial Statements

5. Forecasting, Financial Controls, and Increasing Cash

Forecasting your cash flow, controlling your finances, and increasing your cash flow are possible. Get ready for these next steps.

5.1 Forecasting 5.2 Financial Controls 5.3 Increasing Cash Flow

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