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The Marketing Concept (the Customer approach)

Provided by IFC, adapted from Business Edge® workbook, “Introduction to Marketing Concepts"

Using a market oriented strategy (or customer approach) is not an easy task. However, it provides satisfaction to customers and influences the continuous growth of a business. In other words, when you put the customer first, you are practicing the Marketing Concept. 

Marketing Concept has the customer as the center of its approach. . In order to put in practice the Marketing Concept, the company must research the needs and wants of a well-defined a target market and satisfy customer’s needs and demands.. For example, Proctor and Gamble practices the Marketing Concept when creating its Marketing campaigns, implementing actions to better know its customers in order to satisfy their demands. 

The Marketing Concept starts with customer needs and coordinates all marketing activities to provide customer satisfaction, and profits are a direct result of that. This builds long-term relationships with customers who keep coming back for more. Coca Cola has been a great proponent of this approach, making its strategic decisions based on the needs, wants and demands of its customers.

Companies practicing the Marketing Concept aim at providing satisfaction to their customers by producing the product or delivering the service they want. It does not mean that the company will give all the consumers want: Under the Marketing Concept the company must deliver a product or service, that create value for the customers while it makes profits. 

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