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The Holistic Marketing Concept

Provided by IFC, adapted from Business Edge® workbook, “Introduction to Marketing Concepts"

This particular marketing approach looks at the company at its entirety. In this line of thought, a product that is more likely to attract customers is one that has been developed with the feedback and contribution of all the departments. Everyone involved in the organization must understand this and work together to make sure the customer needs are met. By working together as an organization to retain the right people and taking the marketing department’s feedback into consideration before turning to production, you as a company are able to result in a customer experience that is consistent across all channels.

Heineken, the Dutch company well known for its beer, went through a marketing struggle in 2008 as a result of a smoking ban along with advertising limitations that were placed on beer companies in Europe. It partnered with Cisco to help change its marketing strategy and implemented a holistic marketing approach. Using the company’s strong brand identity, they were able to re-position Heineken as a company that engages and creates relationships, and is concerned with environmental issues. 

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