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Growing Your Business Learning Path

Ready to grow your business based on a solid foundation? Need to understand how to price appropriately, diversify your income sources, or go public? Follow this learning path to explore possible ways to grow your business.

You can always come back to this main index by clicking on Growing Your Business icon on each page linked to this path.

Have a great learning journey!

1. Profit Growth

Grow your company's income by pricing right, maximizing your income, and learning from others.

1.1 Successful Growth 1.2 Pricing 1.3 Income

2. Sales and Marketing

Follow the learning path on Sales and Marketing to increase your knowledge of sales and and marketing and build your own toolkit to build your customer base.

3. Company Growth

Grow your company through diversification, expansion and/or investments.

3.1 Diversification 3.2 Expansion 3.3 Capital Allocation

4. Company Ownership Changes

Explore potential company ownership options through adding investors, going public, or selling your business.

4.1 Valuation 4.2 Investors and Public Ownership 4.3 Selling Your Business

5. Growing Pains

Prepare for issues that growth can bring.

5.1 Common Issues

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