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14. Security - the perception counts

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

Most horror stories you may have heard about doing business on the Internet are wrong.

What is true however is, that many people ignore common sense when moving their business onto the Net.

Security is an important issue on the Internet. But the reason for security being so important is not really that there are so many problems. The reason is that so many people think there are many problems. Even when all research shows this is not true.

On the contrary: Web-based transactions are, in many cases, safer than those that take place over the phone or even in shops built with bricks and mortar.

A shop on the Internet can be best compared with a mail or phone order business. Customers buy products from you without you actually seeing them or their credit card.

According to VISA and MasterCard transactions via the Internet pose no extra risk to customers compared to mail or phone orders.

Other research has shown that companies selling via the Internet actually experience less problems than their phone and mail order counterparts in the real world.

Knowing this takes care of two issues. Your customers don't need to worry when shopping on line. This knowledge is slowly spreading, with more and more people willing to buy on the Internet. And you don't have to worry about doing business on the Net - if you use common sense and don't ignore basic safety rules.

Because if you use common sense, the Internet will be a safer business environment than the real world.

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