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20. Open your doors to the world

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

Creating a shop is one thing. Now you must let the world have a look at it.

YOUR shop is set up, and you have access to the Internet - but the Internet doesn't have access to you. If you want to get serious about e-commerce, you will have to change this.

Don't worry - it's not difficult. First you must have Internet access. And you need space on the Net for your shop.

Usually when you get an account from an Internet service provider for Internet access, they give you some Internet space to go with it. That's all you need to get started, if you want to do it really cheap. Unfortunately it normally means you can not get a good Internet address which your customers can remember, as the ISP will assign you an address.

For a more professional appearance, you can rent Internet space from your ISP or from web hosting companies - companies which specialize in renting out Internet space on their computers (check the search engines or ask friends).

They provide you with virtual servers - a term which basically means they give you space on their hard disk for a fee. You transfer your shop via the Internet onto their computer - and the world will be able to view it (ShopFactory does this for you, automatically). If you do not know where to host your shop, we can help you, too. Just contact us and ask for our hosting services.

You can have your own Internet address to appear more professional. And you still won't have to spend big dollars.

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