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Cash Flow Worksheet

The cash flow statement provides aggregate data regarding all cash inflows and outflows of a company. The cash flow is determined by looking at three components by which cash enters and leaves a company: core operations, investing and financing. It allows investors to understand how a company's operations are running, where its money is coming from, and how it is being spent. The cash flow statement is distinct from the income statement and balance sheet because it does not include the amount of future incoming and outgoing cash that has been recorded on credit. Therefore, cash is not the same as net income.

The Cash Flow Worksheet template in the file you can download below was designed to make it easy for you to calculate your cash flow. It is intended to be a simple and practical tool to be adjusted and used by SMEs working in all sectors. You may adapt it to reflect your business needs, type of clientele, products and services you offer. It provides the minimum information required by financial institutions for assessing loan applications, tax authorities and potential investors.

Start with filling in your beginning cash balance for month 1 in cell C5. Then fill in your cash inflows and outflows as applicable for each month. Totals will be calculated automatically.

File Description: The file contains a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template. Once you've downloaded the file, you must copy it to your EXCEL\XLSTART directory in order to use it.

Special Features:

  • Download the worksheet template just once, and be able to use it over and over again to create as many worksheets as you need.
  • Worksheets are easy to use. Just plug in your numbers and print or save.
  • The worksheet already contains the essential cash inflow and outflow categories.
  • The worksheet can be modified to suit your needs.


Cash Flow Worksheet Template
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Luis Hachebe  |  July 25, 2016
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Çetin Yurt  |  July 14, 2016
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Robert King  |  June 30, 2015
the cash flow spread sheet is defective. You have password protected the first page and therefore cannot change the width of the columns. they are far too narrow everything is above 999.99 dollars is displayed as ##########
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Jennifer Kinney  |  June 21, 2015
What is the password to unlock the worksheet?
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Bargain Furniture  |  April 16, 2015