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Poland - Traveling

Contents extracted from the comprehensive atlas of international trade by Export Entreprises

Entry requirements

Organizing your trip

Means of transport recommended in town

Public transport is well developed in Poland. Buses (urban and suburban) operate all over the country. There are trams and night buses in the large urban centers and the Warsaw metro works from 5 am to midnight approximately. A taxi can be a good means of transport for getting around town and you usually order one by telephone from one of the many companies. Find out on the spot the telephone numbers for calling them (displayed on the roof or the side of taxis) and the different fares charged.

Means of transport recommended in the rest of the country

The domestic fleet (LOT) is modern. In winter, provincial airports are often closed because of fog.
Rail companies: Polish Railway Company
Name Type Domestic flights International flights
Lot Major yes Yes
SkyEurope low cost no Yes
WizzAir low cost no Yes
GermanWings low cost no Yes
CentralWings low cost no Yes

Traveling by yourself

Recommendation: Polish roads are relatively dangerous especially because of the state they are in and general driving conditions (damaged roads, potholes, poor signposting, poor lighting, expressways crossing small towns, pedestrians and horses on the roads). Headlights must be on day and night from 1 October to 1 February.


Different forms of tourism

Historical: There are many historic monuments to visit: Wilanow Palace, The Castle and Cathedral of Wawel or Malbork Castle.
Cultural: Cinemas, theater, ballet and opera, art galleries and museums in the large towns, such as the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow.
Religious: In Poland there are a large number of churches, especially Catholic ones. There are also Orthodox places of worship.
The Jasna Gora Monastery (Czestochowa) is very well known.
Thermal: There are many thermal spas in Poland.
Beach: The northern front of the country is open to the Baltic sea. There are many seaside resorts and sand beaches along the coast. The lakes of Mazuria are also a favorite destination for their beaches and numerous water sports.
Winter sports: Cross country skiing and skating are practiced almost all over the country.
Alpine skiing can be practiced in some resorts in the south of the country, especially in Zakopane.
Outdoor activities: Fishing, hiking, white water activities and equestrian activities.
Glass and enamelware, hand-woven rugs, silverware, handmade jewellery with amber and silver, dolls in regional costumes, woodcarvings and clay and metal sculptures.

Living conditions

Health and safety

Health precautions: There are no requirements concerning vaccinations for international travel. Vaccination against Tick borne encephalitis (Ticovac) is recommended for outdoor stays (hiking, camping) and for professionals in rural areas especially in the North and the North-East of Poland (Russian and Byelorussian borders). To guard against traveler's diarrhea (Turista), it is advisable to avoid the highest risk foods: prepared dishes which are later eaten cold; seafood, meat, fish which are undercooked or badly cooked, and raw vegetables as well as fruits you have not peeled yourself.
For further information on sanitary conditions: Consult the WHO website

Time difference and climate

Map of the time zone: Warsaw (GMT+1 in winter, GMT+2 in summer)
Summer time period: Summer time from March to October
Climate: The climate is half continental and half oceanic. Average annual rainfall is 600 mm. Average temperatures in January are 5°C and in June 24°C.


Food specialties: The most well known specialties in Poland are the following:
Barszcz: beetroot soup with small ravioli stuffed with mushrooms or meat.
Placki Ziemniaczane : potato fritters
Bigos: cabbage with pieces of meat, prepared over several days.
Szarlotka: apple cake sprinkled with cinnamon.
Makowiec: poppy seed cake
Drinks: Concerning drink and spirits, the Poles are very fond of vodka and beer; Zywiec, Okocim and EB are the most famous in Poland. There is little Polish wine, so it is preferable to buy foreign wines. Tea is an institution and coffee is sometimes drunk Turkish-style.
Dietary taboos: There are no dietary restrictions in the country.


Getting some knowledge: Consult the Expat In Poland website.
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