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Small Business Finance: Adopt Emergency Strategies

Provided by Visa, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

Every business gets side-swiped by the unexpected, whether it's an economic downturn or just a string of bad luck. Usually you can't predict most small business disasters. But when they strike you can—as with any disaster—be prepared to implement a strategy. With the right attitude and some flexibility in your planning, you can prevent a temporary downturn from becoming a business-ending tailspin.

Economic downturns.
A rising tide lifts all boats. But what happens when the tide drops and takes your business with it? Here are some suggestions for dealing with tough times.

Start-up problems.
The launch can be the biggest financial challenge for a new business. Here are a few suggestions.

Sudden growth spurts.
Strange as it seems, sudden growth often makes it harder, not easier, for a business to succeed.

Paying bills.
What do you do if you owe four bills but can only pay three? Here are some suggestions for staying afloat and keeping most of your creditors happy.

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